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Cerita Cinderella Dalam Bahasa Inggris disertai Video

Cerita cinderella dalam bahasa inggris ini berkisah tentang seorang perempuan cantik yang mendapat perlakuan tidak baik dari ibu dan dua saudara tirinya. Tapi hidupnya berubah ketika ada peri yang menolongnya. Semua orang tentu sudah sangat familiar dengan cerita Cinderella. Kisah ini seolah sudah menjadi cerita umum bagi anak-anak di seluruh dunia.. Dan di akhir cerita, Cinderella menikah dengan seorang Pangeran. Berikut adalah Cerita Cinderella dalam bahasa inggris disertai video dan pesan moralnya.

Teks Cerita Cinderella Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Cinderella Story in English

Cerita Cinderella Dalam Bahasa Inggris
Long time ago, there was a beautiful girl. Even she was so kind and beautiful, but she has unhappy life. Her mother already died and her father married with a widow who had two daughters. Since her father married with the widow, she never had happiness. Her stepmother and stepsisters treated her wickedly. Every day, she always swept the room, washed the dishes and cleaned their rooms. And when she had done with her works, she sat near chimney, on cinders and ashes. That is why her stepsister called her Cinderella. One day, Prince held a ball and invited all people to come to palace. Hearing the news, her mother and sisters were busy preparing things to go to the ball. And, Cinderella was the one who must help them to prepare all things. After that, they went to the ball but Cinderella stayed in the house and cried. Watching this, a godmother who was a fairy wanted to help her. Then she came to her and asked her to bring her pumpkin and six mice which turned into fine coach with six horses. After that, the godmother asked her to find rat and lizards also which would be turned into coachman and footmen. Godmother also changed the dress into beautiful gown with jewelleries and gave Cinderella the best glass slippers. She also reminded her that the magic was until midnight only, so she had to go home before midnight. When she came to the ball, all eyes watched her beauty; even Prince was surprised and then invited her to dance with him. But, the clock showed that it was midnight, so she went out quickly. The same things happened also on the second day in the ball. All people, including Prince and the King, were wondering who she was. Then, at midnight, once again she wanted to go home but she left her slipper. Then, after few days, there was proclaimed that Prince would marry whoever could fit with the slipper. All people could try the slipper. Cinderella knew the news also, so she wanted to try the slipper. Her sister laughed when they knew that Cinderella wanted to fit the slipper. But, they are surprised when the slipper went on very easy. They were more astonished when Cinderella showed the other slipper and then wear it. Then, they begged forgiveness toward her for all wickedness they had done. Cinderella forgave them and hugged them as well. Finally, Cinderella was married by Prince.

Pesan moral Cerita Cinderella Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Dari cerita cinderella dalam bahasa inggris ini, kita bisa belajar bahwa keindahan dan kecantikan bukanlah sekedar masalah penampilan dan segala hal yang kita pakai. Sikap yang baik dan kerendahan hati itulah yang justru akan memunculkan kecantikan dari dalam. Dan selalu, hati yang baik akan selalu menunjukkan jalan keluar atas segala permasalahan dan membawa kebahagiaan.

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